MVP Fund III – Annapolis Gateway

3BR/2BA Unit’s in 12 unit luxury building

General Information

A Top Security Gated Defense Complex for the three letter agencies of the United States of America and/or related subcontractor firms

The Annapolis Gateway Complex is a Class A office Project Designed for 3 phases.

Phase 1  – Reposition existing office space for income

Phase 2 – Lease and Build tower 1

Phase 3 Lease and Build tower 2

There is an existing 70,000 Sq. ft. office building existing that generates 1.3 million in NOI a year.  At this time, there are a 250,000 square feet for tower one and 182,000 square feet for tower two designed and ready for permitting.

Three federal agencies viewed the presentation of these buildings and are interested in leasing space as it offered escape from the downtown Washington scene, easy commute to work with affordable living in the area for the staff.   At this time frame the buildings were as 250,000 square feet for tower one and 182,000 square feet for tower two.


A request has been sent by one 3 letter agency in a meeting to be the anchor at this project and expand the workspace out to 375,000 square feet for each tower.  This is due to the three letter agencies all publically speaking of the need for more space due to increase of staff.   Agencies are seeking space that provides room to put up to 2,000 staff in one highly secured location.   Up to one million square feet can be developed on the property.

The Annapolis Gateway Complex is the conversion of a W 1 zoned commercial property into a State of The Art Hi Tech Security Complex Built to Suit comprised of Phase I & II with two 375,000 Square foot buildings followed by a possibility of a Phase III with the skin of the buildings to have complete SCIF from below ground to the apex and secure robotic private client parking.  This is for an “anchor tenant” cloaked in national security and/or two agencies.  The project is slated to be completed in phases over the next 30 months.

The property is divided into three plots per the Site Assessment report by Bay Engineering, Inc.   Of this area it has been further identified that 13 acres can be built on immediately retaining the W 1 Zone requirements with buildings up to 13 floors above ground.  Ft. Meade headquarters of the NSA is approximately 40 miles from the site making it an ideal location to place staff with high security features built in from the very start.

This state of the art high security complex with final design changes by the government agency will be able to handle the most programmatic requirements, secret or top secret security features, custom built for said client and various related defense support contractor organizations and situated as a Landmark Site.  The development is slated to have the most modern work/lifestyle designs of Secure Heliport, Daycare Center, Gym & Spas, Food Court, etc. that will allow the agency{s} and support contractors to attract and retain top caliber employees who defend our nation.   We will bring in others who work with the government to establish security features to ensure that the latest technology is installed to prevent espionage from any source.

The Gateway Master Development Plan as currently configured shows:

{i}  At least two 375,000 square feet office towers with a possible third building and/or a luxury hotel complex.

{ii}  The initial phase tower will be the Build to Suit for the Client, who expects to be the sole building occupant over a long term lease.  Expected related overspills from discussions brings in contractors/vendors and other support entities which is estimated to provide at least 30% occupancy of the Second Tower bringing the total potential rentable to approximately 750-1,000,000 square feet.

{iii}  Depending on Client’s actual needs, given FAR’s and other considerations, the size of said Office Towers can be adjusted in the range of 250-500k square feet each by adding additional floors.

Detailed Specs

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